Text navigation in VS Code without VIM or arrows


I hate having to move a few inches to reach the arrow keys. After searching for navigation alternatives I found out VIM.

VIM is great, everybody that can get past the initial learning curve, which is incredibly hard, will learn a really solid skill that will save a lot of time typing and a lot of real pain in his hands.

But… I really like VS Code and the VIM plugin for it is not that great, I wanted just the navigation and a few other functionalities, instead, I found a lot of conflict with ctrl functions and had to go over a lot of configuration, that plus the learning curve killed it for me.

In VIM, you use HJKL keys to navigate around, you can quickly navigate to other parts of your code with advanced commands like 20k goes 20 characters in k (up) direction.

I really liked that, and the best way I found to set something similar with basic VS Code is… WASD. Alt + WASD allows me to go in any direction, and while I am not able to jump X characters, just to be able to jump a few characters to add that ‘{‘ or a whole word (with ctrl) without having to reach the mouse is awesome.

I still need the mouse for big code block manipulation, but overall I am happy with the alt + WASD setup and I can recommend it.

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